Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Week 51

-Easton had his school Christmas Party. -Mason got a part in the school musical as the Narrator #2 in “Thwacked” -Target practice. -Easton has decided Diet Coke is his favorite. -Jaxon has started working on a Mullet again for baseball season.

Week 50

-Hockey in Vernal. Carson scored a GOAL! The roads were awful coming home over Daniels Summit. -Crazy Hair Day! -”One Grandma” crocheted Easton a Hat. He loves it. -We went for a drive to look at Christmas lights and Easton was tired. -We met the Pepiots in Dillon for our annual holiday get together . We played in the snow, went swimming, the Dad’s and older kids saw the Hobbit amd we had a pizza party and played games.

Week 49

-Mason had to do an animal report and build a habitat he chose to Elk. -Carson had his first Jefferson Academy Basketball game.-Dove Peppermint Bark, My favorite Christmas treat! -Easton thought it was fun to play Hide and Seek. His favorite hiding spot, Under the Christmas Tree!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Week 48!!!

-Jr. Wildcat’s Travel Team took 2nd in the Doug Robinson Memorial Tournament! -We learned to run the scoreboard and Mason sat in the score box with us.-Put our 12 ft. tree up for the last time. Half the lights are out! -I took the Mia Maids to Appletree Assissted Living to Make cards with the ladies. -Easton learned the hard way that Good & Plenty’s don’t belong in the nose! Luckily he was able to blow it right out. -Mason had his Midevil fair at school. -The boys went Ice Skating before Carson’s game. -Carson and his friend Cooper Mills went to the Ogden Mustangs game.

week 47

-The boys were so excited to go meet their new cousin Carter! He was born November 16. -Jim and I went and saw The Addams Family at Capitol Theater and the davis High production of Phantom of the Opera. -We had the Jones Family to our house for Thanksgiving. Jim and the boys went to the shooting range. The cousins had fun playing games, hanging out, having a sleepover and celebrating Amberlynne’s birthday. -I had my first Black Friday shopping experience.

week 46

-Grandpa Knight came to the Veterans Day Breakfast and Carson and his classmate Emily Hart had to take pictures for the yearbook.- Easton made a turkey hat at school. -Mason loves to play in the snow with his friends! -Carina and Sara brought Zach over to play and stuck around to entertain me! -Easton was so excited to tend Baby Dallin (who belongs to our friends the Gardner’s)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week 45

This week we got to celebrate Great Grandpa Hornickel’s 90th Birthday!And
Finally some snow the boys had a great time playing in it!