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week 4

January...Where did it go?

January is a very crazy month. In many ways each year exciting things happen but things will always be there that make us a little sad. This Year......

NATALIE COMPLETED HER FIRST HALF MARATHON IN ST. GEORGE! Hoping to finish in 2 1/2 hours I was more than thrilled to finish at 2:16.

Easton gave up his Binki (not by his choice). Thank you Bye Bye for the tips.

Mason has grown his hair a little longer. He always says "the girls are going to love me!" Mr. Personallity never a dull moment!

Carson marked the one year anniversary of his Hodgkins Lymphoma Diagnosis and still remains healthy. Prayers are answered.

Jaxon is sure growing up fast! His voice sure does shock alot of people. This is his favorite time of year because baseball practice starts up again.

I cannot believe how fast these guys are growing and I count my blessings every day that they are ours!