Sunday, July 5, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

The last few weeks OK months have been filled with baseball, and we love it! The house is a disaster, I do my best to make sure everyone has clothes to wear but that doesn't really matter as long as the uniforms are clean, and dinner time, Whats that? a quick trip to the nearest drive thru!We spent our 4th of July weekend in Park City, Doing what you ask? Watching Baseball! Finishing up 15 games in 7 days.
Mason ended his season of playing for the A's in machine pitch. He did awesome! He was very nervous to play up with his big brother Carson. He was a little shocked the first time he actually hit the ball but quickly realized he had to run. His batting average went up with each game and he did great. He is now the biggest fan for his Brothers as they finish their seasons (it does require alot of bribing Legos, candy etc.)

Carson did awesome in his regular season with the A's. He was invited to try out for the Kaysville City All-Stars, he was excited to make the team and have his Dad as one of the coaches. They finished their first tournament taking 2nd place. Way to go Carson!

Easton is a trooper! He spends most of his evenings cheering on his brothers. He is now sporting his 2 front teeth and has mastered sitting up on his own. He sacrifices many naps for ball games and doesn't really fuss much about it. He knows the Stroller almost more than the high chair for meal time but give him his food and he is happy.

Jaxon had his dream come true this weekend and finally got his over the fence Home Run. He has looked forward to that day for a long time. It was awesome. His team took 2nd in the Firecracker tournament. You Rock J-Dizzle!