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Week 50

The Reason for the Season!

I love the Christmas season. Over the past few days I have been forced to reflect what it really means to me. It may have been a conversation with Mason about his guilt of knowing it is about giving not receiving but he really, REALLY likes receiving. Or conversations with others of traditions being carried on, or those being set aside for a man to provide for his family. As I reflect on the many conversations, feelings and traditions, I know that a few things are true, Christ was born and because of that we have this season, It will come again in another 12 months and traditions that have been set aside can happen once again. This year for me I am looking back over the last 12 months and the economy has changed, I have spent more time in doctors offices and at Primary Childrens Hospital than I had ever dreamed . I have never been in such a humbling place and have never left there without tears in my eyes realizing the trials those children are faced with. Each time we leave the hospital and see all of the License plates from surrounding states we are reminded that once again we are blessed because we get to go home to our own beds and family! So this year Christmas will come and I am thankful for our Savior, The Gospel and above all, a husband that loves and provides for my family and 4 boys that bring me JOY, a 10 year old that has kept a smile on his face being faced with things no child should be faced with and once again we are blessed that no nights having been spent in hospitals or hours in clinic receiving treatments that have awful side effects and great healing power. I know this year my family has truly been blessed and we have grown from our trials. May you all have a Happy Holiday season and truly remember why it is celebrated!

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Naughty or Nice?


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Week 43

Happy Birthday Easton!

Look how big Easton is!
I cannot even believe it has been 2 years. This little guy has grown too fast!

His brothers think he is still as cool as the day he was born and he thinks they are cooler every day!

What better way to start the day than licking the beater from your birthday Cupcakes! Easton is so fun his favorite words are Awesome. Cool. JaxO. MasO. CarsO. Wub U! (makes mommy's heart melt) and Mickey Mouse. He loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
We Love You Easton!

Week 42

So were you all beginning to give up on me? It has been a crazy month. We have had a couple of great family vacations, my computer has been in the shop and life has just been happening. I am back and determined to get my pictures of the day posted so stay with me for a few day as I get caught up.

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Another Handsome Guy!

When did this kid grow up?
Again, a little behind on the Birthday Portraits and again pictures not to bad.
Finally caught up with all their pictures!
He has forbidden himself to wear anything non-baseball related.

He has developed quiet a sense of humor!
Never a dull moment!

We Love You Jax!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

What a Handsome Guy!

Finally! I took Carson's Birthday pictures. I love taking pictures. I take them for family and friends. They may not be perfect and it totally stresses me out to take photos for others but I always joke you get what you pay for and I come cheap! I was so excited the other day on one of our local news talk shows they had the Top 10 Photo Walls in Utah. This cool striped wall was in Logan (about an hour north of us) but to my excitment Carsons baseball game happened to be in Logan today. So after Carson's games, that he played totally awesome in, he quickly changed his clothes and we made a quick stop to shoot some photo's. I am thrilled with the outcome.

But it would be hard not to be happy when photographing this Handsome, Happy Guy!

Carson you are amazing and we are so lucky you are a part of our family!


Week 36

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Back To School- Part 2

This boy starts 6th grade today. Wow, has he grown up. Jaxons school clothes consisted of a bunch of basketball shorts, a variety of colors. (He was very excited to have a pair of yankee shorts to add to the collection, Thanks Grandpa Knight.) 3 Yankee T-Shirts, as well as all his jerseys, and red turf shoes. All shopping now done in the Young Mens Department, I was so not ready for that. I am so grateful my boys are not picky when it comes to clothes (yet! they make up for that when it comes to food.)
This is the only school related picture I will have of him starting 6th grade because I am not allowed near the school with my camera! (this was even pushing it). Love ya Jax!

Jaxon now the Big Man on campus gets to sit in the very back of the bus and was not to proud to wave to Easton.
As the bus pulled away Easton sat on the porch and just pointed, he really wanted to get on the bus with Jax.

Easton and I will have some serious bonding time but I don't take the place of his Heroes a.k.a. his Brothers. He loves to be with his brothers, play with them, scream at them, wrestle with them etc. but this morning I could tell he will miss them.

Jaxon- 12 Years Old!

Jaxon August 20, 1998
Jaxon August 20, 2010. WOW! Jaxon could hardly wait for his birthday. As you may know Jaxon's life is baseball. So he was anxious to see his gifts. He was up before 7:00 so he could open them before Carson and Mason left for school and Jim left for work. The smile grew with each gift. A Don Mattingly: Batting is Simple book.He was excited with the Strausburg Jersey from the Nationals ( Jaxon will where No shirt that is not baseball related or related to the Red Sox or Mets, because they are sissy's)
But check out this smile below. The Glove! He goes straight for this glove in every sporting goods store and we struggle to get him to put it down. It is now his and I don't think he has put it down since.

Jaxon has a little birthday tradition. We go to the Gateway (a mall in downtown Salt Lake) Have lunch at The Skybox and he gets a new hat which he was excited to spend his birthday money on.
Here he is in all his new baseball stuff!

Sunday was an extra special day, 12 Years old is a big year in The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. Jaxon recieved the Priesthood and Jim was able to Ordain him a Deacon, he goes to a different Sunday class and now will have a weekly "Young Mens" activity which mainly focuses on his scouting merit badges. He will also have some Sunday responsibilities, primarily passing the sacrament in our Sunday services. We are so proud of you Jaxon.