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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Doughnut Falls

Today we had our Cousin Fun Day! We hiked Doughnut Falls up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It Was BEAUTIFUL!
The Boys had fun. No complaining. WOW!
They love to spend time with their cousins and Grandma. They look forward to our weekly outing.





How I got so lucky to be their Mom, I will never know. They are the BEST!

We were all excited when we got back to the car and this Moose came down right by our car. He pretty much posed for a few pictures then moved on. An added bonus to a perfect day!

Hard Boiled Eggs

One of Mason's favorite food's Hard Boiled Eggs. I will make them and put them in the fridge and he will eat them all day long.
I am being very sentimental lately. I think family reunions make me that way. It really makes me miss my Dad. So I just have to smile with how picky my boys are about food, they love Hard Boiled Eggs. I should say Hard Boiled Egg Whites! Usually the waste would make me crazy But this being one food I remember my Dad loved dipped in a little soy sauce, a little salt and pepper, He had all sorts of ways he loved them. When Mom was away they were considered a meal. So I see a little Grandpa Jones in my boys when they ask for them and that makes me smile!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ivan and Gladys Jones, Their Legacy Goes On!

Ivan and Gladys Jones, My Grandparents. I grew up next door to them. They played a daily part in my childhood. This past weekend we had a family reunion honoring them. It was so fun to reaccqaint with cousins I hadn't seen in years. For as long as I can remember we would have our annual camping trip to the Nephi KOA, oh the memories. We haven't had a reunion in years, I think a new tradition has begun!

I believe if I am counting correctly there is about 30 cousins. These are the ones able to attend. Some traveled as far as San Diego, Colorado, and Arizona.

Grandma and Grandpa Jones had 5 kids. My Dad, Blaine and Arlene have all passed away. Aunt Sue and Uncle Roger are currently serving a mission for our church in Kirtland, OH. Pictured above Uncle Cal (Married to Aunt Arlene), Aunt Emalie ( Married to Uncle Blaine), Aunt Shirla (her husband Uncle Jerry has also passed away), My Mom.

These are all of the Great and Great -Great Grandchildren that were there.
I think Grandma and Grandpa Jones would be very proud!

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