Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week Eleven

-We finally got all of Grandma Hornickels temple work done. She is now sealed to her parents! -Mason had to do a planet report on Saturn. - Jim and Jaxon went to St. George for the March Madness Tournament. Bandits made it to the Semi Finals! - Mason had a Fieldtrip to the Weber State Planetarium. Unfortunately he was home sick. -Potty Training! Easton helped me make cupcakes for a “potty treat”! -4:54 a.m.! Carson had a 6:00a.m. hockey game so an early start to the day. Great day of Hockey he was Assistant Captain in his first game and CAPTAIN in his second game!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week 10

- Getting ready to drive back to the airport in Spokane after an awesome weekend. -Oreo clelbrates their 100th anniversary with Birthday Cake flavored filling. Not sure I’m a fan. -We listed our house with a realtor. Hopefully things start moving. - I got to go on Carson’s fieldtrip to the Utah Symphony. - Jaxon has decided he likes bagels and cream cheese. (he did not want his picture taken). - Easton Loves his Brothers! - Mason, I love HIM! - Jaxon is registered for 8th grade. - Mason and Zach, Best Buddies! Mason loves to play with Zach anytime he can.

Week 9

-For Family Home Evening Carson planned some “Minute To Win It” Games. -Carson had to do a presentation book report on Mario Lemueix.-Carson got his tenderfoot and first class at the Court of Honor for Scouts. -Easton’s favorite foods these days are Turkey and Cheese for lunch cut like “X’s” and “Mud Balls” (Coco Puffs). He also refuses to get dressed on days he wears his orange monkey pajamas. -I was not happy to wake up to this blizzard on the day I was flying out to spend the weekend at Shannon’s. -I got to celebrate Alyssa passing her written drivers test, we went to lunch at Subway in Libby, MT. -We were well stocked for treats in Shannon’s Craft room. Jim really didn’t believe me that we hardly left her craft room but we got so much done!