Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Fear!

We had Jaxon's end of season team party last night. Easton had to be just like all the big boys. With little coaxing he climbed up on the board and jumped in.

after a couple of jumps he was shivering so bad it was a miracle he even stayed on the diving board. No Fear! but it did give him a little comfort to have someone there just in case.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Making the Record Books

It is always cool to watch a baseball game and see back to back homeruns.
Imagine back to back to back to back to back homeruns! It was like a fireworks show. 7 pitches 5 homeruns!






In 15 years at the Dreams Park this is the 3rd time One team has had 5 consecutive homeruns in a game. Now the Bandits are in the record books.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family and Friends

Thanks everyone for your support in helping Jaxon acheive this dream.

It may have been supporting fundraisers or cheering him on!

It was great to hear from so many loved ones back home checking in to see how games were going or to know you were cheering him on through the computer screens! It was also fun to have loved ones cheering him on at the ball park. Jaxon was lucky to have his grandparents join us on our trip.

Grandma Jones
Grandma and Grandpa Knight

We were thrilled that so many on our New York relatives took the time to travel and support Jaxon. (Grandma Knight, Ken, Nancy, Tony, Kristen,Jeff, Sue,Easton, Natalie, Carson,Grandpa Knight, Dan, Lori, Jim. front- Mason and Jaxon) We love the time we get to spend with them which is never enough.

Dan and Lori were passing through the area and stopped to see one of Jaxon's games.

Sue and Jeff came and stayed Saturday- Monday with us. Mason even tried to convince them to move to Utah because we don't get to see them enough.

Tony, Kristen, Nancy and Ken camped in the area for a few days.

It was great to spend time with family.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Play Ball!

For the next 4 days we spent it at the ball park with 2 games a day.
What a good looking group of boys! They worked so hard to get to Cooperstown. This has been a team goal for about 3-4 years.

The great coaches that helped get the there.

If you know Jaxon, you know he does not just love baseball, it is his Passion! Cooperstown was like a dream come true for him.

The Bandits won 5 of their 8 games.

Jaxon hit a home run!

Ouch! Ben took a pick off ball to first base in the eye. He took the day off and was back playing the next day.

Jaxon hit another home run. I will post more on this one later.

We are so lucky that Jaxon gets to hang out with such a great group of boys!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Opening Ceremonies

Saturday we were able to just hang out until the Opening Ceremonies that evening. Once we got to the fields it was ALOT of waiting.
And buying treats to pass the time

The festivites began with the American Flag being flown in by parchuters.

Then all 104 teams coming onto the field.

Best looking team of them all!

There were 2 teams from Canada. They got to sing the Canadian Anthem.

To finish up the festivites they had skills competions. The golden arm, home run derby, around the horn and the road runner. Jaxon got to particpate in the around the horn with some of his teammates.

It was a fun filled day.

Week 31

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blue Heron at Waters Edge

We rented a house in the town of Oneonta just outside of Cooperstown. It sat right on Lake Goodyear. It was beautiful!
The boys loved the lake. They couldn't swim in the lake but we had access to a paddle boat and a canoe. They had a blast.

Easton kept asking to "go on the boat race!" everytime he wanted to go to the boats.



Jaxon didn't get to spend much time on the lake. He spent all of his time including sleeping and meals at the Dreams Park. So he was only at the house for a short time each day if at all.

Jim was a good sport to play in the boats with the boys each day.

Lake Goodyear.

Our house was called the Blue Heron at Waters Edge.

Upstairs had 4 good sized bedrooms. So we all had our own rooms and Jim's cousin Sue and her husband Jeff came and stayed a couple days with us.


Dining room

Family Room

entry way

The back of the house coming back from the lake

The boys would set out bread and watch for this squirrel to come get it.

If you can see the deer in the middle of this picture. It would come up closer to the house at night but we were at the ball park but Grandma Jones saw it twice in the backyard.

After a busy week in the city it was nice to have such a relaxing place to enjoy between games.