Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness

3RD place! Way to go Bandits!
We just spent our weekend in St. George (Southern Utah) For the March Madness Tournament. Jaxon had 2 games scheduled for Thursday and 2 games scheduled for Friday. The Bandits won all 4! Yeah Bandits! Which meant another day at the ball field, Saturday their first game at 11:30, They won so they played again at 1:30 unfortunatly they lost to the Las Vegas Bulldogs (who won the tournament) but still got to play again for 3rd place. 7 games in 3 days, 6-1 for the tournament. We will take it!
You can always tell when Jaxon is happy with his pitch by his "Joba fist pump"!

Jim, The official Bandits scorekeeper.

Jaxon Pitching

Mason The Bandits Mascott

Jaxon winding up.

Easton, happy it is 80 degrees not 50 like last months tournament! No blankets and coats!

With only 9 players the Bandits invited Carson to be the emergency sub in case anyone got injured or sick. He didn't get any field time but he was a big help keeping the dugout picked up or helping the catcher with his gear or any other tasks he found.

Legos! the best invention ever! Mason can be entertained for hours at the ball park with a box of Legos and a blanket.

It was a fun baseball filled weekend with lots of sun. Nothing better than a nice warm day at the ball park when your team is winning!

Friday, March 6, 2009

4 Months Old

Easton had his 4 month check up last week. WOW! He is definately not malnourished! He weighs 15 Lbs. 10 Ozs. He is growing up way to fast!
It was an exciting family event to watch Easton eat cereal for the first time. The boys were quiet entertained!!!

He has learned to love his cereal and fruits and veggies which I'm sure won't last he is a Knight boy!!!

We Love You Easton!

Our New Cousin

Issac Garrison Jones
February 17, 2009
6 Lbs 5 Ozs
We are so excited about our new cousin and hope some day that 4 month gap in size kind of closes between him and Easton!!!!


Over Valentines Day we spent the weekend in St. George for Jaxon's first Baseball Tournament. Baseball in February in Utah! I know it is crazy but what does the Mom know? I know it is a joy to see Jaxon so passionate and excited about this sport. He truly is his happiest playing ball I am however trying to get him to be so passionate about his reading goal for school. Yeah, not going so well! while in Southern Utah we went to Snow Canyon our boys don't enjoy hiking they enjoy climbing, so call it what you want, they had a blast while me and Easton hung out in the car. The weather was a bit colder than I had hoped for.
GO BANDITS!!! The Bandits walked a way 2-2 for the Tournament not bad for not having an outdoor practice since July. Jaxon pitched and played first base and outfield. He did awesome!

Me and Easton stayed bundled and only missed 1 game because it was too cold. Jim hung out in the dug out as the official Bandits scorekeeper and unfortunatly it is really hard to be mom to an infant and family photographer at the ball park so the camera took the back burner.

The most supportive brothers in the world! Carson and Mason rarely complain about going to the games but as I say sometimes we just have to buy their love at the ball park nothing a few trips to the snack bar and maybe a few Legos can't solve! So off to a great season and back to St. George for the March Madness Tournament in 2 weeks. We love these mini vacations!!!