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Week 40

WOW! A whole lot of Easton this week. I usually try to even things out but I guess he was the center of attention as usual.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Making a Change!

Carson turned 11 last month! He is an amazing boy and has had some trials in his life. He always has in mind how his decisions will affect others.
Carson has loved playing baseball.
He has loved his teammates

Most of all he has loved having his Dad as coach.

Carson has wanted to play Hockey for a few years. We knew it would be alot to play Hockey and Competitive baseball. So he would have to make a hard choice between 2 good things. He did not only think of himself he thought of his team "Who would coach them?" He thought of his Dad "He loves coaching the Barons". We assured Carson it was ok to do what would truly make HIM happy.

After alot of thinking Carson has decided to give baseball a break and Hockey a try!


He does not complain about the 7:15 Saturday morning practices that we have to leave for at 6:30 a.m.

He willingly handed over all the money in his wallet to pay for his jersey.

(we didn't even suggest that he had to pay for hockey)

He Loves Hockey!

Carson is amazing and such a great example!

We love you Carson!

Here's to trying new things!

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