Friday, February 26, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week 7!

Things slowed down a little this week. What we have to go through to be thankful for a slow week! I kind of get in ruts where all I post are my project 365 pages but they pretty much sum up our lives. I have totally loved this project, I feel like come the end of the year and I am going to be totally caught up on my scrapbook for 2010. What a good feeling to be caught up on ANYTHING!
No changes with Carson. He is scheduled for his next scans March 24, so until we get those results back it is life as normal. Is there really a normal? You receive a diagnosis Carson received and as a Mom I now look at each and every ache and pain a little differently without being parnoid or letting him think we need to freak out about everything. Carson is doing great, no changes with him, he is still full of energy, can't find enough time for playing with friends, baseball and whatever else he can fit into the day. Jaxon is anxiously awaiting his first baseball tournament in Phoenix the first week of March and hoping to catch more than one MLB spring training game while we are there. I however am just looking forward to the SUN! Mason keeps us and everyone else on there toes, the things he comes up with I am not sure where he came from, but I wouldn't trade him for the world! Easton is turning into a little tornadoe, I can't turn my back for too long, babyproofing has gone to the next level he now reaches above his head into drawers, his jabbering melts my heart especially when he comes up to me and puts his hands up and says "mum", other favorite words are Jax (often used to refer to any boys ages 7-12), dad, hi, bye, Iz (Izer). My life is crazy but I love it!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's a New Day!!!!

A quick update! We arrived at McKay Dee Surgical center at 6:45 this morning Eastons tubes were done with no problems and we were headed home by 8:30. Made a quick kid trade at home and headed to Primary Children's Hospital with Carson. After 4 hours of meeting with many doctors, nurses and many other people, final decision is that they feel they got all of
the Lymphoma in surgery, however, there are still some areas of concern and they will watch them closely. They will re-scan in 6 weeks if these spots have grown they will start treatment at that time. If there is no change Carson will have follow up scans every 3 months for as long as possibly 2 years. We really appreciate all the prayers in behalf of Carson and our family we truly have felt them. This is not the end of the road but we couldn't have asked for better information at this time. Upon arriving home Mason just had a 24 hour bug and will return to school tomorrow. And thank heavens for Jaxon who managed so far to remain healthy. We love you all and are happy to have a very peaceful feeling in our home for the time being. Keep praying for Carson that nothing changes in the weeks to come, for tomorrow is a new day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Life is great. Right? I am really trying to tell myself that, but as if Carson's diagnosis is not enough, we are still waiting for our appointment Thursday to get more details of what lies ahead. Easton is still fighting his ear infection and the Doctors want him healthy before we start any treatments Carson might need so they are doing tubes early Thursday Morning before we have to be to Primary Childrens Hospital. To top it all off, Call me mother of the year, yesterday Mason called me from school, as I was leaving the E.N.T. heading to the surgical center to pre-register Easton for his procedure, saying he didn't feel great so I reminded him that if he comes home from school the rules are, No friends, No T.V., We rest and can read, he quickly sounded better and assured me he was feeling better. I even received an E-mail from his teacher saying he was much better the rest of the day after talking to me. Well unfortunatly after dinner he started throwing up and still is doing so this morning. Really, I guess our extremely healthy winter has totally back fired. I just needed to vent to someone and so here you have it. I am really realizing it is not the good days that matter, it is the good minutes!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

Follow-Up on Carson

We recieved the final pathology reports back from Carson's surgery, you all remember the one that Doctors were sure there would be no recurring problems. Well we sure wish they were right in that, but unfortunatly they were wrong. Thank Heavens for all the "standard lab tests" they run on things. Carson recieved a diagnosis of Hodgkin Lymphoma on Tuesday. This was we believe, as big of shock for the doctor as it was for us. Carson has not shown any sighs, he is your typical active 9 year old. Of course looking back and knowing signs of it maybe there were a few signs but hindsight is always 20/20. He started his battle yesterday with a PET and CT scan. From there we meet with Primary Childrens next Thursday and should know the stage and plan of attack but for now it is just alot of unknown. Statistics for this are very encouraging. Carson is tough and is constantly saying "I am so lucky they caught it now", "It could be alot worse", "Now that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be". I am trying so hard to keep his attitude, but it is hard and for now I am so thankful for his little smile and I know without any, doubt Carson can do hard things. He is quickly learning what it means to battle a disease and I know he will fight hard. Please keep him in your prayers and leave a comment so I know if anyone really reads this blog, for now I will do my best to at least post updates weekly, more if time and my emotions allow.