Monday, July 23, 2012

week 26

-We spent the week getting ready for Jonesfest and camped at the Lava Hot Springs KOA Wednesday- Saturday -I love how obvious it is that my boys have learned to put on their own shoes! -We love Jonesfest and Cousin time! Zach, Allianna and Mason. -Zach and Mason found a little pool in camp that they called their “cold tub” instead of a hot tub. -It was so fun for Easton, Conner and Isaac to play together.- River Time! - Pretty Girls! Sara, Carina and Briarleigh. -Carson was so determined to catch this fish. He stalked it for a day and a half before Aunt Jennifer took pity on him and made him a net and bought him a rod. It all paid off! He Succeeded! - The pool!