Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week 41

-The Jenkins girls came over between General Conference Sessions to say one last good bye and the boys convinced them to have an airsoft war!-We decorated for halloween! -Such a good feeling when we get the storage room is clean. It was way past due! -Carson thought it was Hilarious that Easton fits in his locker. -Mason had a fieldtrip to This Is The Place. They got to pull handcarts. -Conner came and spent the weekend with us. Him and Easton are Best Buddies and  Mason loved reading them bedtime stories. -The boys had a yard sale!

Friday, October 12, 2012

week 40

- Mason and Easton picked the pumpkins we planted! Mason took 20 “Jack-Be-Littles” to school for his class! Not a bad crop, just no big pumpkins for carving.  -Last month we attended the baptism for our good friend Emily Cox. She is adorable and we all love her. Easton would not leave until Gayle (Emmi’s Mom) took their picture together! -Carson Had an AWESOME cross country season! He finished his last race at region in 15:05! Way to go Carson, we are so proud of you! -It only took the dentist telling Carson he would have to have some teeth pulled because the permanent ones were coming in behind them to light a fire under him! He pulled 3 teeth by himself in one week! - Jaxon and his friends had a big surprise after school. Makenzie Jenkins came back from Pennsylvania to visit for the weekend and no one knew she was coming! They had a great time going to the Haunted Corn Maze, Night Games, Smores and just hanging out! We miss that girl. -Mason is so glad football season is over because it really interfers with his social life! Zach can now have late nights and sleepovers again! -General Conference Weekend! The first session Pres. Monson announced changes to the missionary program. Young Men can now go at the age of 18 after graduation and Young Women can go at the age of 19.(photo of Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles discussing the changes in a press conference following the session) - Saturday evening Carson attended his first Priesthood Session with Jim and Jaxon.