Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Week 32

-Fun night at Lagoon! The Sunset was amazing from the Skyride. - The AMAZING Mia Maids of The Mill Shadow Ward at the Bountiful Temple. - Easton always entertaining! -Easton loves Kaitlyn Jenkins and always tells everyone she is his best girl! We are so sad her family is leaving our neighborhood and moving to Pittburgh.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Week 31

-Hogle Zoo! We checked out the New Rocky Shores, It was fun having Bears back at the zoo. Shannon’s Niece Tiffany and her kids Olivia and Kaden joined us. -Mason and Mia took on the Rock Star appearance and even got Easton in on the act! -We hate saying Good-Bye to the Pepiots but another memorable visit came to an end but we were thrilled they extended 2 days so we could make “Bath Bombs”! -With mixed emotions we  decided to Officially take our house off the market. -Jim took Carson and Mason on an overnight backpacking trip to Mary’s Lake up by Brighton Ski Resort. They had a great time. On the way back down they ran into 2 Bull Moose.

Week 30

-Happy Pioneer Day! Our neighbors put on quite the fireworks show! -Shannon and Gracie came for a visit! -Lunch and Shopping with Jen, Reta and Shannon for my B-Day. -Another snake in the yard. -Jaxon and I got to spend a few days with 50 plus youth and Leaders from the Mill Shadow ward for Youth Conference. We did a Sunrise hike up Ensign Peak, Service Project at The Christmas Box House, Search for the Prophets at the Salt Lake City Cemetery and Games and other activities at the U of U Institute. - Happy 40th Birthday to me! After spending most of the day wrapping up Youth conference I came home to fun presents and dinner at Johnny Rockets with my Favorite People Jim, My Boys, Shannon and Gracie!

Week 29

-Jaxon and his friends! (Bryan,Ryan, Dom, Josh) -Baseball Buddies! Easton and Cooper Rigby!
 -Easton finally figured out Jumping into the pool. -Jaxon sprained his ankle in the All Star semi finals. Our first real experience with Essential Oils! A little Lemongrass and Deep Blue Rub and he was back on the field the next morning. We might be believers! -Eye Black! - Tournament of Champions! Cutest Boys at the Park! -Easton found the coolest Caterpillar. -Look who is sleeping in a big bed! -Easton was excited about his “Fancy Hair”! -Backyard Campout! It lasted about 5 minutes then moved to the basement, tent and all! -Bandits BBQ and team sleepover at the Rigby’s cabin! We couldn’t ask for a better group of boys (and parents) for Jaxon to be associated with. -Ogden All Stars! It is always fun when Jaxon and Ryan Cox get to spend time on the field together!

Week 28

-One of my favorite summer wake up calls! The Davis High Band practicing through our neighborhood. Easton was so excited that the Parade came to our house! -Bowling with the Cousins! - Jaxon is playing with the Krush in the Ogden Allstar tournament!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Week 27

-Ashley came to go to E.F.Y. at BYU and surprised us by coming to Sunday dinner with Grandma. Easton loved her fancy glasses! -The 4th of July was a fun day! I ran the Kaysville 10K that morning. then we spent the rest of the day with the Jones’ we went to the Parade, Chinese food for lunch then off to Lagoon-A-Beach which was surprisingly not crowded. - Easton doesn’t have nighttime accidents very often but when he does he says “I didn’t have an accident Carson sprayed me!” That’s his story and he is sticking to it! -Mason had Camp Kiesel Cub Scout Day Camp. -I love the 3 year old phase where  Cowboy Boots look good with shorts! -Firecracker Tournament in Heber City! It was nice to have the tournament start on the 5th so we could enjoy the holiday festivities!