Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week Twenty-One

-Mason is running for Treasurer for Student council. So proud of him! -Easton is a funny kid! Recently he has decided he likes his pajamas in “pieces” (no more footie pj’s) - Carson had his piano recital. He played “The Entertainer”. He has decided to be done with piano. -Easton is the best lunch date! He loves to go to “the lunch House” (restaurant) with me. -Our neighborhood pool opened for the season. Tha boys love it. -Mason had his end of year music program. -Carson had his Science Fair. He did it on if age, weight and height affect your speed on roller blades. -Mason had Colonial Days and thought it was pretty cool there was an actual TeePee! -Mason got the election results, he didn’t make student council. He was sad, but that all changed when I found his Ipod that had been misplaced for a couple weeks and he got to got to florider (indoor surfing) for his friend Brady’s birthday! -Memorial Day tournament! Play Ball! It was cold, but the rain held out and all gamesgot played. We were in Lehi so Carson, Mason and Easton went to Uncle Scott’s and Aunt Cristin’s and got to play with and tend Conner!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Week Twenty

-Happy Mothers day! I am so blessed!-When did my baby grow up? Easton gave the scripture in primary 1 Nephi 3:7 -Jim and I had a date night. Penny and Virgil couldn’t use their Hale Centre Theater tickets so we got to see “Father Of The Bride”. - Carson had a big week at school. He was awarded a citizenship award  and had his 5th grade Waxless Wax Museum. He was King George. -Mason earned his Wolf at Pack Meeting. “Mr. Personality”! -Father’s and Son’s campout! Easton couldn’t wait and kept telling everyone he was going camping with Daddy! - I ran the Ogden Half Marathon! I had a horrible cold all week and was just happy to finish. My time was 2:17:10.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week Nineteen

- Jim got Easton ready for bed. The pants and shirt didn’t match. He threw a fit until we found the PURPLE shirt that matched the pants. -Mason wanted a mullet and I wanted him to have shorter hair for summer, so we compromised. -It has been a long time since we have seen all of the cousins. The boys were so excited them to all start arriving! - Mason's class had a Mothers Appreciation party at school. I am One Lucky Mom! -Stephanie and Stuart got married!

Week Eighteen

-Grandma Jones took Carson shopping and got some Duct Tape. Carson is all over making Duct Tape crafts! -silly Easton! He has mastered the computer mouse and the Ipod. He loves doing head stands in the chair. -Jaxon decided to try some salad for dinner. At least he didn’t go overboard on the serving size! -I took Sonia’s senior pictures and made her graduation announcments.

Week Seventeen

-Mason’s family Birthday Party! -Mason went to his first Bear den meeting and they got to carve soap. - Easton LOVES to play with his friend Sophie! - Jaxon played in the Slugfest tournament. They got to play on High School fields and had some games at my high school, Bingham High School. -We participated in a neighborhood multi-family yard sale. Carson and Mason had so much fun buying stuff from the neighbors and selling our stuff.