Saturday, February 25, 2012

Week 8

-New baseball helmet. The Bandits changed their logo and colors this year. -I scrapbooked with some ladies in my neighborhood and finished 32 pages! -Spring Fever! painted toe nails and flip flops! -Jaxon’s bedtime snack!?! - Mason has been working so hard to improve his handwritting. I complemented him on it while studying his spelling words and he said “yep, Mrs. Goble tells us We can do hard things with a smile”. We love Mrs. Goble! -Nothing better than coming home from a 10 mile run and snuggling with my boys on a Saturday morning!- Jaxon played his last rec. basketball game today. He will miss the last few due to baseball conflicts. So we snapped a quick team picture although a few of his teammates weren’t there.

Week 7

-Valentines Day! Mason made a robot for his box and Carson made a Hockey Puck. They both recieved Candy Grams from friends at school. One of Mason’s was from a 6th grade girl! Not sure how I feel about that other than I think we will have a few heartbreakers in the future. - Mason and Mia are such good friends! -Easton loves to play “Blockus” (or atleast create patterns with the pieces). -Wow! Can’t believe it has been 2 years! Carson had his final scan today! All results were good. Now just labs for another year, hopefully. -Mason had The Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts. It was a western theme. - Long weekend for Presidents Day. We went to GetAir a trampoline park. Mia and Noah Austin came along. They all had alot of fun.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I've Been Up To! Organization!

I have the best BFF in the world. Though hundreds of miles separate us, she is always excited to here about my projects. I have been on a roll lately. I am determined to have my craft room organized in hopes that my house will sell in the near future and make it alittle easier to move my stash! So hopefully these projects will be easier to see the details in pictures.
These drawers are right inside my craft room door. A drawer for each boy where I put school projects, awards, etc. that need to be scrapbooked and a couple for the family where I put memoribilia from vacations or announcments we recieve.

I came to the realization that there is no way I can fit all the boys stuff in their scrapbooks and their drawers are overflowing. So I got a file box for each boy to file those projects, journals etc. that I can't just throw away ( I do not keep every art project either). I have filed all their stuff according to grade. I just scrapbook their class picture report cards and ny major events or awards that happened throughout the year.

I have found a new love. Becky Higgins Project Life Big Envelope Pages. I love to keep pictures and letters we get each year for Christmas. These have also been shoved in my drawers waiting for me to figure out what to do with them. A big envelope for each year and out of the drawer and into the scrapbooks!

I wish I had taken a before picture. Another job that has been long over due is chronilogically labeling my scrapbooks. They were kind of labeled with a handwritten ripped piece of paper shoved in the label holder. This project kind of lit a fire under me to get everything else organized. Now all my binders have a nice typed label.

My other new find. I am loving everything in the Becky Higgins Project Line. I have followed Becky for years and have put off buying the Project Life kit for a few years. Well I bit the bullet this year and bought both her paper and digital kits.

This little white box has taken my photos that I have developed and have been sitting in my cupboard from



I completed almost an entire year all in one night of scrapbooking thanks to the help of Becky Higgins and Project Life. I kind of sound like an add for the product. This is not an add. It has just been a life saver for me.

It is amazing what a good feeling it is to get Organized!

Week 6

-Super Bowl Party! Giants vs. Patriots. Happy for Jim and Jaxon the Giants won! -Easton now sleeps in a “Big Boy Bed”! -Easton loves the library so we started going to Story Time. -Carson was thrilled to put together the 3-d puzzle he got for Christmas for a report at school. -When I put Easton in the tub one night he holds up this toy and says “Mom, this a rain cloud or applepus?” Hmmm.... -We went and helped Grandma Knights activity day girls make Paracord Bracelets. Carina and Sara came and helped then lunch at Francesco’s followed by the " Tebow" in the parking lot!?!

Week 5

Jaxon and Mason would not stop fighting, so for there punishment they got to sleep in the same room. It kind of back fired because they both somewhat enjoyed it. Until Mason fell asleep first and Jaxon realized he snores! Jim’s favorite Ipod game Carnivores! We had a “Just Dance” night for Young Womens. Easton was right in the middle of it all telling the girls “Let’s Do This Girls!” while Mason locked himself in his room and slid this “Do Not Disturb” sign under his door. Mason had a Roman Party at school and got to wear a Toga! Time Out For Women! It was a fabulous time With Mom, Janalee, Jennifer and Mary (Jennifers Friend).