Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween Vacation!

We had an awesome Halloween! Jaxon was given the opportunity to play in a tournament in Las Vegas with The Bandits, so we decided to make a family vacation out of it and also go to LegoLand. Much to our surprise the boys were not at all upset to miss Trick-Or-Treating. We left Thursday and drove to Vegas stayed there until Sunday then drove to Carlsbad where we were about a mile from LegoLand and just a little further to some beautiful beaches and stayed there until Tuesday. A quick trip but a much needed one for all of us.
Easton Loved the sand at the beach. He just sat and would play forever then he would move on to a little seaweed and then into the water. He loved it, he did however figure out it wasn't as fun to eat!

LegoLand was amazing. behind the boys in this picture is downtown New York City all built out of Legos. Amazing! They also had the Daytona NASCAR track, The Las Vegas Strip, Washington D.C. and alot more. Amazing! Carsons dream in life is now to be a Master Lego Model builder at LegoLand. It was a great time.

Mason had fun. His favorite is just Lego guys. He was excited to bring some new ones home with him!

Carson loved this one they had it set up just like President Obama's Inauguration. Pretty cool!

Halloween- at the last minute the boys decided to bring costumes. They wore them at Jaxon's game. Carson Captain Rex, Mason a ninja, Easton a Lion and Jaxon so original a baseball player!

The Bandits did awesome! They came out of pool play 4-0. they played a team from Hawaii (who won the entire tournament) and lost 6-2 not bad because all the other teams lost by at least 10 to Hawaii, and if you can tell from the picture- They were some big boys! Way to go Bandits!
It was a fun time had by all. How we Love our time together and the fun memories that were created. Our boys are the BEST!!!