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Back To School- Part 2

This boy starts 6th grade today. Wow, has he grown up. Jaxons school clothes consisted of a bunch of basketball shorts, a variety of colors. (He was very excited to have a pair of yankee shorts to add to the collection, Thanks Grandpa Knight.) 3 Yankee T-Shirts, as well as all his jerseys, and red turf shoes. All shopping now done in the Young Mens Department, I was so not ready for that. I am so grateful my boys are not picky when it comes to clothes (yet! they make up for that when it comes to food.)
This is the only school related picture I will have of him starting 6th grade because I am not allowed near the school with my camera! (this was even pushing it). Love ya Jax!

Jaxon now the Big Man on campus gets to sit in the very back of the bus and was not to proud to wave to Easton.
As the bus pulled away Easton sat on the porch and just pointed, he really wanted to get on the bus with Jax.

Easton and I will have some serious bonding time but I don't take the place of his Heroes a.k.a. his Brothers. He loves to be with his brothers, play with them, scream at them, wrestle with them etc. but this morning I could tell he will miss them.

Jaxon- 12 Years Old!

Jaxon August 20, 1998
Jaxon August 20, 2010. WOW! Jaxon could hardly wait for his birthday. As you may know Jaxon's life is baseball. So he was anxious to see his gifts. He was up before 7:00 so he could open them before Carson and Mason left for school and Jim left for work. The smile grew with each gift. A Don Mattingly: Batting is Simple book.He was excited with the Strausburg Jersey from the Nationals ( Jaxon will where No shirt that is not baseball related or related to the Red Sox or Mets, because they are sissy's)
But check out this smile below. The Glove! He goes straight for this glove in every sporting goods store and we struggle to get him to put it down. It is now his and I don't think he has put it down since.

Jaxon has a little birthday tradition. We go to the Gateway (a mall in downtown Salt Lake) Have lunch at The Skybox and he gets a new hat which he was excited to spend his birthday money on.
Here he is in all his new baseball stuff!

Sunday was an extra special day, 12 Years old is a big year in The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. Jaxon recieved the Priesthood and Jim was able to Ordain him a Deacon, he goes to a different Sunday class and now will have a weekly "Young Mens" activity which mainly focuses on his scouting merit badges. He will also have some Sunday responsibilities, primarily passing the sacrament in our Sunday services. We are so proud of you Jaxon.

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Carson- 10 Years Old!

Carson August 17, 2000
This year I have truly realized that each birthday celebrated is an answer to prayers!
Carson has had a rough year. We love you Carson! We look forward to many more birthdays celebrated with you.
Carson and Jaxon always get to share their family party!
Carson was all smiles after his first time ever celebrating his birthday at school. He was worried no one would know but to his surprise this Happy Birthday sticker was waiting for him when he arrived at school.

He was so excited with his semi-automatic air soft gun.

and equally excited with his Pokemon DS game. He couldn't wait to spend his cash he received so off to Walmart to purchase and new Nerf gun. Maybe we should be a little concerned of his love of guns, but,
boys will be boys!
(and we regularly discuss gun safety)
Happy Birthday Carson, We Love You!

Back To School - Part 1

Mason and Carson started school this past Monday. It was a new experience, new school, new rules, new "dress code", etc. Sending my kids off on a new adventure was very scary for me. We chose to send them to a Charter School this year. It was much to my relief that they both came home with news of new friends and awesome teachers. They both were looking very forward to having their own lockers. If the school year stays in check with their first week, it will be a great year.
The Dress Code kind of scared all of us but to be honest I think they kind of like it. I kind of think they look very handsome.

Mason likes the fact that he can coordinate his clothes with his new best school friend Brigham. He also looks forward to studying Ancient Greek History.

Carson comes home with reports of his friends Spencer, Max and Connor and their recess adventures. He also looks forward to studying China and celebrating Chinese New Year later in the school year.

Mason sporting his new school clothes, lunch box and backpack.
Jaxon chose to stay at his current school being that it is his last year there. He starts this coming Monday. So I will report how the first day goes for the "Big Man" on campus soon.
I did anticipate it being hard sending Carson and Mason off knowing all their brother and friends still had a week of summer, being that they are truly enjoying school they have not complained once. So here is to a much needed spectacular school year. I think we are off to a good start!

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Jonesfest 2010

Carson was so brave! Uncle Scott talked him into getting a Tower Pass thinking they wouldn't end up going off the top but Carson didn't give up and almost had to drag Uncle Scott to the top!

I would dare say spending time with cousins is my boys favorite thing to do. This is just a little of the fun we had at Lava Hot Springs, Idaho this past week!

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