Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 43

-Sunday we went to Bannock, a little ghost town outside of Dillon.Then once again the painful goodbyes to the Pepiots and the end of a fabulous weekend! -Mason got his braces off! -Happy 4th Birthday Easton! He got to take treats to school, had a costume party with his primary class and Conner then off to the ward Halloween party! What a day!!! -First snow of the season! I am so not ready for winter! -Off to Vegas! Jaxon’s last tournament of the year with Clutch Performance. While inVegas we drove past the Gold and Silver Pawn shop. Where the show Pawn Stars is filmed, people were lined up out the door to go inside.

Week 42

-Conner got to go to Sunbeams with Easton. They learned about the Stripling Warriors. -The boys were out for Fall Recess so we went to the Ogden Dinosaur Park. -We headed North to meet the Pepiots in Dillon. We spent Wednesday night with the Palmer’s in Rexburg. Thursday we spent the day in Yellowstone. We saw bison and elk. Friday we left West Yellowstone and drove over thru Ennis and Twin Bridges to Dillon and saw a Bald Eagle. - Friday afternoon Shannon took our Family Pictures. -Saturday we went to the Montana Western football game to cheer on Jackies boyfriend #7 Will Fields. Mason and Easton almost made it through 2 quarters before we headed back to the hotel.