Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WOW! I Love Spring!

Spring is always a great time of year for us, however, my blogging has taken the back burner (not that it has ever been fully on the front). So this week it all started full force. You all know Jaxon has been in baseball for a couple months but this week Jim, Carson and Mason began, so on top of 2 Cub Scout den meetings and 2 Karate classes (thank heaven C & M are in the same class and on the same baseball team) we can now have 7-10 games/practices a week. Which I am not complaining I know a lot of people whose schedules are worse than ours. As overwhelming as our schedule gets, I love this time of year, spending most evenings at the park and unfortunately my house and yard get little attention. I have decided a clean house, as wonderful as it is, just doesn't last long enough. Years past the house thing stresses me out but having a baby around again I have realized childhood doesn't last long enough either, so I am going to really try and just enjoy our spring chaos. This is kind of a long post but here is what we have been up to the last month.
Mason turned 6 years old! WOW! I can't believe it. Around our house we don't just celebrate one day, we have to at least make a weekend of it at minimum. So it all began Saturday with a friend LEGO party. I love LEGO's other than the pinata the kids pretty much wanted to play LEGO's so we bagged the other games and let them play. Sunday we had his family party, and Monday he got to choose our activity and with a little influence from his brother's we headed to CHUCK E. CHEESE'S.

" Where a kid can be a kid"

"Mother of the year" I even made a LEGO cake.

Dressed all fancy for church Easter Sunday.

Easton, now 6 months, has had a very triumphant month he has mastered rolling over! He can get from his back to his stomach, he just gets really mad because he hasn't figured out how to roll back to his back. He will have his check up soon so I will post his stats then. He is happy as can be, full of giggles, sleeping 10 plus hours at night and naps great, he loves meal time, sweet potatoes and pears are his favorite.

Another ball game in the rain and cold!

Carson has taken up fly fishing! Unfortunately all of those pictures are on a disposable camera so I will post them later. He loves it and according to him has almost caught a few fish. He loves going fishing because it is just him and his Dad. Good one on one for Carson! He also had his first official Pinewood Derby for Cub Scouts, He loves scouts.

Jaxon also participated in the Pinewood Derby but I think his highlight was when over spring break the Bandits won the Spanish Fork Pizza Factory Invitational Tournament. It was awesome, cold and rainy. The Bandits did great going undefeated and winning the championship game after at one time being down 6-1 and came back to win 11-10! Way to go Bandits!
Even at scouts, I really don't think the hat comes off!

Bandits are # 1!

And that is how we have kicked our spring!
Today while shopping, a lady in front of me looked at Easton and told me since she was about 12 weeks along in her pregnancy her doctor had been telling her she was having a boy, she already had 2 girls so they were thrilled But now at 20 weeks and after a lot of shopping (she was doing a big return) he said oh, I think its another girl. She asked if she was missing out not having a boy, I explained he was boy # 4 and I am pretty biased, I LOVE MY BOYS! Looking at all these pictures just makes me smile and realize how lucky I am that they are mine!