Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family and Friends

What a way to end a very busy and exciting summer! Jonesfest and time with some of our best friends! We spent 4 days with the Jones Family for our annual campout also known as Jonesfest The Boys love time spent with their cousins. We camped at Farragut State Park in Northern Idaho. In the eyes of 3 boys Jonesfest always ends way to fast. From Jonesfest we headed to Troy, Montana U.S.A. to spend time with the Pepiots. One of the happiest days for us was when the Pepiots moved in next door 7 years ago and one of the the saddest times was when they decided to return to their home town of Troy,Mt. last year. We had a great time with them. The boys loved waking up to the deer and wild turkeys in the yard each morning, fishing, playing in the lake and exploring the great outdoors. But like Jonesfest our time spent with the Pepiots went way to fast. So as summer draws to an end it is on to the next thing Fall baseball, birthdays, school, preparing for baby and hopefully some sort of a schedule.