Sunday, September 30, 2012

week 39

- Carson had another Awesome Cross Country Meet. He is consistently beating his previous time with a time a of 15.39. After the race the Easton ran up to Carson and got right in his face and said “Good Job Cars!”. - Easton is so funny! I asked him to pick up his toys and he replied “I’m Busy Mom.” while laying in the chair. -We went on a “Fall Colors” drive. We drove up the Mirror Lake Highway. Stopped for a little hike, before it started raining.It was a fun time! -Mason had his 4th grade Mtn Man Rendevous. -After baseball Bentley Fuller came and played with the boys. I took them to GetAir Trampoline Park. They had a blast! Easton was full of personallity. At first I was not going to take him but he informed me he didn’t have any so he needed to “Get some Air”. Then he found this block in the foam pit and said it was his best friend “boxy”.

Friday, September 28, 2012

week 38

-Carson’s cross Country time for this week 15.41! His goal was to beat his previous time and he did by 10 seconds. - Mason and Easton are such “Troopers” They are always there to cheer on their brothers. It always helps when the other teammates have younger siblings also. Mason looks forward to Carson’s meets because his friend McCall is there. -Mason had his first Raingutter Regatta. - The Marlins played in the Cache County Tournament. - I ran the Big Cottonwood Half Marathon. I beat my Personal Record by more than 13 minutes and made my ultimate goal of under 2 hours with a time of 1:59.58 ! I loved the course and it helped that it was all downhill.

Week 37

- We attended the Brigham City Temple Open House. It was BEAUTIFUL! I am so thankful for such great boys that know the importance of the temple and how excited they were to go see the Brigham City Temple. How grateful I am to know our Family is Forever!   -Carson had his first Cross Country Meet. He ran 2 miles in 15 minutes and 5l seconds. Good Job Carson!-Jaxon and Jim went to Las Vegas for a tournament with Clutch Preformance. -Easton was excited to get “Aliens in the Attic” at Walmart. That boy knows how to watch a movie, He ran into my room and yelled “Mom get my favorite drink and some popcorn for my show!”

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week 36

-After months of thought and stress we sold our Allstate Agency. This was a tough decision after 18 years. Jim has had an offer with an agency in Salt Lake, American insurance and Investment. We are excited to start a new chapter in our lives. -Clutch played their  2 games that were rained out on Saturday. - First day of school for Jaxon 8th grade and Easton’s first day of Preschool! He was so excited. -Jefferson Academy Carnival is always a good time with friends.

Friday, September 7, 2012

week 35

-Jaxon was ordained to the office of a Teacher at church.-Carson is on the Cross Country Team at school. -Easton learned how to plug the sink which can be really bad when he leaves the water running! -Trevor Lewis from the L.A. Kings, the first Utahn to have his name on the Stanley Cup, was in Salt Lake with the Cup itself. We went to see it at the Maverick Center. There was a huge crowd to see it so he did a walk by. -We borrowed Grandma’s Ping Pong table a few weeks ago and Jaxon and his friends have loved it! -We went out to dinner with the Hornickel Family. This is all the Grandsons and Great Grandsons of Harry and Lucille Hornickel.-Easton loves Mud Balls or Cocoa  Botts ( Cocoa Puffs) This morning he informed me he likes them “squishy”! Yuck!! -Labor Day Tournament! -Saturday Games cancelled due to Thunder, Lightening and Rain. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Week 34

-Carson was ordained a Deacon and recieved the Aaronic Priesthood. - We had the Family Birthday Party for Jaxon and Carson. -Carson and Mason Started school! _-Happy 14th Birthday to Jaxon! - Mason decided he wanted to share a room with Easton. They were both excited to get bunkbeds! -Easton loves to have stories read to him! -My Zinnia’s are HUGE this year. We have recieved so many compliments of how beautiful they are. -Carson had his first 12 year old backpacking  campout! - Easton had his pre-school open house. He is so excited to go to Miss Cindy’s. -Jim and I finally got to see Wicked at Capitol Theatre. We have had our tickets almost a year. ! We both loved it. -Kaysville just opened a Splash Pad the boys had alot of fun. -Opening Day for fall season of the Miami Marlins of Kaysville.

Week 33

-Early morning run from Snow Basin down into Mtn Green. My awesome running group- Lindsey, Heidi, Lisa, Bekki, Me. -Easton gave his first talk in primary. -I guess I finally accepted my baby is growing up. We took down the crib! -Makenzie Jenkins is moving to Pittsburgh and came and hung out with the boys. They loved it! She will be missed! Ryan Cox came too! Jaxon was surprised to see his friends here hanging out with his brothers when he returned from baseball! -Easton’s first dentist appointment! -Mason and Zach had there Bricks For Kids Lego space camp this week and loved it! -Carson had his 6 month check-up at PCMC. Everything looked great! No      tears from the needle! We have come a long way and are so blessed! -Happy 12th Birthday to Carson! -Grandma and Grandpa Knight took us to the Zoo!