Monday, March 29, 2010


Carson getting ready for his CT scan.

If you are curious what PET stands for.

This is the semi trailer.

Carson getting ready for his PET scan.

Carson waiting for his scans.

I am a proud Mom! I love all my boys and it totally amazes me how brave they are. Carson had a big day today. We went back for his first follow-up PET and CT scans. We won't have results until Thursday so your continued prayers in his behalf are certainly felt and I know they have helped him. Anyway, Carson HATES needles, I think alittle more than most kids. The IV is what he dreads most about these appointments. He didn't even shed a tear when they put it in today. ( I can't even do that) Today he had his tests done at PCMC (Primary Childrens Medical Center). What an amazing place! Scott, Doug and Ron the nuclear rad tech's were AWESOME! Carson walked away like he had spent the day at Disneyland! He was a little nervous about the PET scan because we told him it was in a semi trailer. It is portable so it can rotate between local hospitals. He thought he would be shut in this cold, metal box and left alone in the dark. He was very surprised that it was just like any other X-ray room with lights, it was warm and Mom got to be with him the entire time. We are so lucky to have such an amazing facility so close to home.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 11

Sorry for the wait Earlene and anyone else who awaits my weekly pages! Thanks for caring. We love and miss all of you!

Friday, March 12, 2010


We had a blast in Phoenix. Weather was perfect 75-80 degrees. Lots of baseball both Bandits and MLB! 2 home runs hit by yours truely Jaxon Knight!!!! Fun at the pool and lots more. Prepare for picture overload, In no particular order!
Jaxon and Carson at the Angels spring training game against the White Sox. Pictured above with Torii Hunter.
Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell, on our way home.

Chase Field home of Arizona Diamondbacks.
Rock Climbing at the Arizona Science Center.

The Bandits waiting for Jaxon at home plate after his first home run!

Meeting the Colorado Rockies.
Bob Apadaca, pitching coach for the Rockies, and the Bandits.

Mason always gets stuck sleeping on the floor when we stay in hotels. This trip, on his own, he made it a very positive experience. He discovered he was the perfect size for the closet, so he made his own private room. Every night he would get in the closet and shut the doors and we wouldn't see him until morning.

The park Jaxon played most of his games at was called "The Big League Dreams Park". There were 7 fields all replicas of 7 major league fields. Here is Jaxon in left field of Yankee Stadium.

Easton has started making the funniest faces!

Jaxon pitching in Angels stadium.

Fun in the pool!


Week 10

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

week 9 (finally!)

A little slow in getting this posted. Just returned from a fabulous week in the beautiful 80 degrees of Phoenix Arizona. I will post some pictures soon.